When Love Rears It’s Face!

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I was on tour with The Brand New Heavies for years. One of the staples of that incredible band is their horn section. We always had a slammin’ ass, beast mode, stanky, banging bunch of horn players who brought the shows from great, to legendary every night.
A few years into my decade long run with them, through a series of fortunate events, I ended up on a triple headline Scandinavian tour alongside Jonas from Denmark and Omar from the UK. We cross pollinated the band and brought a group of ridiculously good musicians from Denmark and the UK. As luck would have it, the horn players I had travelled with for years with the Heavies, ended up on this tour with us. YAAY!
At the time, I had just met Pharfar and we were in the middle of our 11 day songwriting marathon. I was on a high about it. I couldn’t help but talk about it and share with everyone the progress we were making. We were literally meeting each day with nothing but ideas and beer and leaving each night with an entire new song!
So! When I gingerly asked if my old friends Jim, Dominic, Nichol and our guitar player Vicky would like to spend a portion of one one of their very few days-off in the studio with us, they agreed enthusiastically and came through.
Whoa! Am I ever lucky?!
Within a few hours they had laced up three tunes with the sweetest sounds and were enjoying some of Denmark’s premier donnair delicacies and a few beers.
It was just one of the many moments that #love showed its face during the making of this album.
So when you get your copy of #1111 and you’re listening to I Open My Heart, One2Three and California Love, I hope you can envision a bunch of long time friends at Pharfar’s “Food Palace” studio in Copenhagen, enjoying good times, good beer and good meat while making good music.

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