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I know you quite possibly don’t live here in LA. So I am sharing some live footage I snuck for you out of the goodness of my heart. I wanted you to witness the first time I played “Actor” with a band! It was so, so sweet.

So, I’ve been playing every Thursday at a club called No Name. It used to be a place “normal folks” couldn’t go to. It was exclusive AF- celebrities ONLY. But in recent months they have opened their doors to the layman’s, so I’m spreading the gospel. Come through on a Thursday!

There are no cameras allowed but I went ahead and took a video anyway-just for you. You’re welcome. So you can see me live-ish, ’cause that’s where I am most powerful.

Now this only is a temporary solution. Obviously.

I have a secret members only group where I perform live online concerts, every single month. $5 a month to join and only $50 a year if you pay for the entire year. So think about that. If you want in, just sign up here and I’ll send you more info on it 😉

Meanwhile enjoy <3

Much Love,


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