Someone Like You-Remixed in BK

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Throwback to the red chapter. The brilliant miss Shae Fiol and I met during a background session for another Brooklyn indie artist and ended up really liking each other. Well i was basically in love. He voice is BUTTAH!!  Anyway, we kinda stayed in touch and followed each others careers and eventually we were finally able to slice a little time together between me moving to la and her moving further from the city. I was definitely girl crushing, HARD. What a babe. You can see me geeking out over her voice and her notes and her choices big time during her verse 🤓. My face gets really ridiculous. Its that type of face you only make when you think no one can see you. #restinggeekface Basically she makes me forget I’m where I am, she’s so good. I also also replaced the word “I” with “Oy”  – You’re welcome. 👍🏽When we got together at Ive 09 studios, he had just made this beat so we sat down and though about what songs could fit nicely over top. This, my friend, is what we came up with.  Adele. Someone like you. Know it? We had the word up on the screen and we practiced it once around before having the balls to hit record. It took me months and months to finally edit it (add the title) and share it…Don’t ask why. I always need that extra push. But this is an oldie and still a goodie.

I know the remix is different. But me likey. 🤗 Hope you do too.

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