So you’re having a party? Hire Honey as your featured entertainment. Whether its an intimate living room  gathering or a stadium audience, Honey can create a package that fits perfectly with both your vision and your budget. Packages range from $500-10,000. Simply inquire below and let’s create the perfect event together.


Recording a hit record and need a beautiful voice to complete your art? Whether you need a soulful powerhouse, or a sweet angelic soprano on your track, Honey Larochelle can deliver.  From country/pop to EDM, from ballads to explosive party records, Honey is not only capable but also extremely fast in the studio. Once you have your consultation, Honey will deliver raw audio files of vocals meticulously curated for your project within hours. Simply describe your project below and we will come up with a price that is more than fair, and deliver value that is priceless.

Vocal Production

Recording an album for release? Maybe your producer isn’t very passionate about vocals? Maybe you’re a producer working with an artist who needs more attention in the studio than you’re willing or able to give? Let Honey come pull the best vocal possible out of that voice. Honey is very passionate about the recording process and will not only hold your singers hand throughout the recording process to ensure the highest confidence and keep the energy vibrating at a high level, but she will deliver FULLY COMPED raw files so you don’t have to do anything but copy paste and mix!  Honey has worked with award winning veterans and beginners alike and is your secret weapon when embarking on a new project. Send us an introduction below and lets begin the conversation. Honey’s fee is $500 for day, no matter how many songs you complete. She can also work on a sliding scale or per song deal depending on your situation. No matter what, she will be the best decision you made.


So you wrote a song for a woman’s voice but you don’t have the right woman for the job? Have no fear, Honey is fast reliable and completely flexible when it comes to recording vocals. Simply inquire below and once she’s started, you will have your raw vocals within hours. Honey’s fee is $250 per song with a 3 hour maximum. For more complex projects, any hours beyond the first 3 are $125 per hour.

BGV’s (Back Ground Vocals)

 ~Recorded BG’s

So you’ve recorded a song and you feel it needs some backgrounds to really set it off? Send it to Honey, let her arrange something for your singer to emulate, or hire her to record all the layers and parts you need. She can come to you, you can come to her, or she can send you raw vocals within hours. Of course you can send notes for revision to ensure 100% satisfaction.

~Live BG’s

So you’re going on tour or preparing for a live show and you have a bunch of singers who need a leader. Or you have a vision but don’t have your singers or your arrangements. NO MATTE WHAT YOU NEED. Honey can and will deliver the highest quality vocal arrangements for your songs that you can take with you on tour and use for life. Or if you need help finding that right singers, Honey can source, hire, and train a vocalists you need and create the exact background section you dream of. Prices vary, just inquire below and we will create the perfect package for your dream and your budget.

Vocal Coaching

No matter what level of vocalist you are, you need a vocal coach. Honey can provide you with exercises to strengthen and build up your beautiful instrument and can help you build confidence in general as a singer. Or maybe you’re a veteran and want to work on a song with an ear you can trust. Honey will go line by line with you until your delivery is not only perfect but also second nature to you. $100 per lesson. Each lesson is 45-60 min.