Reduce! Re-Use! Recycle!

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What do I stand for? What is my activism? These questions are often presented to me and if I listen carefully to my gut, I’m overwhelmed by all the crisis, sadness and human destruction of the world. But the cause I’m most closely in touch with is the reduction of single use plastics.

Straws, forks, knives, ziploc bags, packaging, toothbrushes, dental floss…so many item in our households that we absentmindedly purchase and toss. We don’t have the island of plastic in our yards so its easy to ignore, but the problem is VERY REAL!

500 MILLION straws are dumped into the ocean each DAY! That’s half a ton. That’s enough to circle the entire planet if placed end to end. That’s INSANE!


We MUST make new habits. Which is why I’ve partnered up with a Glass Straw company in an effort to save the world one straw at a time.
Even Starbucks is on this train. They are eliminating the use of straws in all their stores in Jan 2019.  But before that day, we should all begin to make small changes that will make a big difference!

10 Things You can Do TODAY To Reduce Your Plastic Waste

  1. Buy a glass straw from (discount code HONEY) and make a habit of  adding the words “NO STRAW” to every drink order.
  2. Wash and reuse your ziploc bags (this will save you money AND lengthen the use of these items)
  3. Carry your own bags to the grocery store or even clothing shopping (It’s actually way cooler to be seen reusing bags then carrying fresh waste)
  4. Switch to bamboo toothbrushes
  5. Carry your own utensils to lunch or to the airport (Again all the cool kids are doing it)
  6. Make your own toothpaste ( use a glass jar and natural ingredients- this also saves you money and can help prevent calcification of your pineal gland-google it-trust me)
  7. Stop using lids on coffee or soda (Just sip it down yo)
  8. Switch the restaurants you order from (ask your favorite places to use paper packaging- Make a new habit of asking for NO UTENSILS when ordering take out or postmates)
  9. Purchase glass bottled drinks and paper packaged food items at the grocery store

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