How I got the gig with Lorde at Coachella

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Wanna know how I got my gig with Lorde at Coachella??

Here’s the story of how I got that gig and many others without even trying.

So, I was in bed with my man, discussing our day and winding down when my phone buzzed.

“Hey girl, I referred you for a gig, look for a text from Ray.”

I didn’t have the number saved but whoever this was at least knew I was a female singer and thought I was good enough to safely refer for something.  No one wants to refer someone they aren’t certain will make them look good. Suddenly guilt came over me and I frantically started googling this number and searching my phone for any hints that would help me know how to respond and who I was responding to.

I couldn’t really figure it out so I sent a timely but pretty generic reply.

“Thanks so much! I’ll look out for it!”

Then I rolled over and dove back into my snuggly convo with my sexy boyfriend. Soon I had forgotten all about the text.

The next day, I got a text saying:

“Hi it’s Ray. Sophia referred me. I have a gig for you with a pop artist. Are you available these dates?”

Ahh it all fell into place. Sophia, a badass singer who I totally have a vocal chord crush on, had referred me for this gig.  I will always say yes to her because she is so good and I love singing with her so much that I would even do it for free.

I quickly answered Ray saying yes I was available for those dates and gingerly asked who the artist was.

Just like that, I was booked to play Coachella with Lorde.

WTF?!?!  How did that happen??

I never dreamed I would share the stage with her, and I hadn’t even really set my sights on Coachella, since I play a lot of hot summer festivals and they are mostly just hot. Haha. But I had made a big enough impression that she felt confident in giving my name when asked who was solid and dependable.

Haah 😜 I was FEELING MYSELF!!!

Now for real though. How did I get that gig??

The answer friends, is RELATIONSHIP.

I always stress the importance of building relationships to my students, friends and colleagues. If you want to book a miracle gig don’t think about what to do, think about how to BE!

Here is a checklist that has been drilled into me from birth by a woman who had to raise me alone with no help and nothing to her name but her voice and her personality. My mother’s relationships got her free babysitters, free food and tons of amazing experiences and celeb gigs that made me feel like I had a rich childhood and kept the fact that we were super poor far from my knowledge or experience.  She knows better than any of us the importance of relationship in this and really any industry.

HOW TO BE-tips for success:

  1. BE Pro AF-Being professional is by far the most important part of building your career.
    1. Show up on time. (this one I often bend but I wouldn’t recommend it)
    2. Be likeable
    3. Eye contact and firm handshakes-but don’t be clingy and awkward.
  2. BE Confident AF- Know that you are a contribution to the space you’re in. You may be different but you’re super awesome and important. (This is important to remember in life in general 😉 Remember theres a thin line between confident and cocky. Don’t be cocky.
  3. BE Talented AF-My mother always says “In your choice lies your talent” choose to listen and blend
    1. One of my mentors, N’dea Davenport, taught me this ancient singer secret. Memorize this one. When in doubt, lay out– in other words, listen more than you speak (or sing).
    2. Really listen-make sure you can hear every other part before choosing your note.
    3. BLEND- your voice should never be louder than everyone else’s in a rehearsal. Listening is 90 percent of being good. Soft singing is very much your friend. Save your voice AND your reputation. 😉
  4.  BE Approachable AF…be generous with your smiles and your ability to make light of a stuffy room. You get the point.

My relationship got me one of the coolest gigs ever. And I got it because I work hard at BEing someone people like to work with not because I bugged someone a bunch or showed off when I could.

Sophia knew I was good but she also liked me. I am proud of my accomplishments but very humbled that she thought of me when asked ” who is fast and good and pro etc.”

All of this to say WOOOO. Heart=Warm💓 Thank you Sophia!!

Now go forth, and BE!!!

I hope you got something from this post, and if you want more tips, tricks and stories about tour life from me and my “famous friends” I would love to share my knowledge and experience with you. Sign up to my newsletter so I can send you episodes from my brand new podcast that explores a lot of music peoples’ stories.

Speaking of stories, if you wanna hear the rest of this one, read on.


Studying Lorde’s music forced me to take a closer look at her lyrics and I am now such a super fan. She is a fuggn brilliant lyricist. She has this way of saying near nonsense but it makes sense, almost like shorthand but out loud. Feel me? Its a gift that not many pop stars are given. She’s pure genius, and super talented and such a young girl! Truly mind blowing to watch and I learned a lot from being quiet and just watching.

Lorde Babes in Rehearsal


We got to hear and perform songs off her new album “melancholy” before it was released so we had to sign a big NDA.  Today it’s out and has won several awards.  We got to watch the dance rehearsals for the big huge Coachella take down that she and her team were planning and I really felt lucky to be a part of that magical moment. She had a floating glass trailer that they all danced in and re-enacted a club scene as it moved and raised up and down until they all tumbled out the side and then reached up and caught her as she fell backward into their hands. Scary trust shit. Man oh man.  It was so cool to be a witness to the process.



The entire band and about 25 dancers all hopped on a bus together and headed out to the festival where we were able to be backstage with the industry’s coolest, hippest artists. I didn’t know who half of them were since I’m usually hanging with the old school but I DID get a picture with Miss Lianne La Havass, for whom I also have a big girl-crush, with her man Thundercat who makes funny faces for no reason (or maybe he just wanted to mess up my picture cause he was insulted that I really only wanted her picture…)😂…either way, enjoy this. You’re welcome.

I wasn’t able to talk about it for a while, nor was I able to get a picture with the Lorde herself. But here is an official Coachella snap showcasing the most amazing case of RBF I have ever been proud to sport. (Whats RBF you ask?? sign up for my mailouts and learn 😉

I was hot. It was hot AF and we were in long sleeves and black slacks…HOT!!! 😤😡 But yeah. I went to Coachella with Lorde. No one can ever take that away from me. Can’t wait for what’s next 😉

Dressing Room Stunting


I’m a singer. Not a writer. Don’t judge. Be constructive.  I know I’m long winded, but I have SO MUCH to share. Your feedback is VERY helpful. Please let me know what you thought of this post in the comments. What would you like to hear more of? What questions do you have for touring musicians? What podcast topics would you like to hear me cover with my “famous friends?” How’s the weather where you are?? Just talk to me!



Honey Larochelle

PS-Heres a link to my latest album. If you like reggae and soul, you’ll love it. 



  • Alicia says:

    Such an amazing story, Honey!
    Thank you so much for sharing. Beaming love and light your way!

    • Honey Larochelle says:

      Thanks for reading sis. Curious how you learned about it? I know ur not on social media so I’m wondering where we crossed cyber paths ?

  • Anna says:

    Loved this!! So glad you got to work with Lorde, she’s amazing!!

    I’m just starting with photography and super relate to you with the recomendation thing… my firsts jobs were through friends who put out the word for me! Ps.: your tips came really in handy. 🙂

    I would love to read any story about when you got to work with Joss Stone

    • Honey Larochelle says:

      Great feedback! Thank you. I will get on that right away. And really glad the tips helped. Recommendations are everything!!you never know when you’re securing a gig. Stuffs always happening behind the scenes.

  • Valerie Altman says:

    Amazing Honey! Love those How to Be tips! They resonate for me big time! Love watching you succeed! XO

  • Keep inspiring people around the world. It’s working! 🙂 Positive vibes to you ! Tommy

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