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I have told my story many times. Single mom. High school drop out. College drop. Soul veteran. Avid recycler. Nerd. Weirdo. But this week’s interview gives you a chance to get to know me a bit more.

Zojak, my lovely interviewer, is a passionate reggae and world music distributor and they have an incredible platform so it means a lot to have a chance to be featured on their “What’s Hot This Week” blast and expand my reach one new fan at a time.

You and I are (most likely) new friends so I figured I would pass this along and share with you about my upbringing and such, if you’re interested.

If you choose to read it on their platform, you’ll get to check out their entire “What’s Hot This Week” list. So if you want to discover even more cool reggae new releases, that’s the move!

Just remember to scroll to the bottom to read my interview.

Here’s what it says:

When did you start recording / performing your music and how did it happen?
I grew up with a single mum who was touring and singing with people like Brian Adams and Little Richard. She could never afford a babysitter so I was always with her in rehearsals and at shows so I learned that way. It was never a question if I would become a singer. It was always in the plan…
Tell us a bit about your new release, “11:11.”
Oh man. This record is surrounded by magic! I met Pharfar and we immediately started writing together. We ended up doing 11 songs in 11 days! From scratch! We knew we had something special so we never gave up on it but years passed and things changed and I stopped going to Denmark as often and he became a superstar…Anyway, 6 years later its finally out in the world and it feels totally perfect that it took so long. It feels like the record was in control. Not me or Pharfar, or Adil or anyone. The record itself told us when to release it. Even in the way that I was invited to perform it for the first time on 11.11 in Hawaii. Such a graceful and beautiful birth it was.
Can you describe your musical style, and how it is unique?
I’ve always been a soul singer, first and foremost. But now with this new “Irie Soul” sound blended in it creates a rich combination. To have riddims that just feel so good and make you smile and songs over top made of love and fun and super soulful vocals. It has its own special thing.
Do you have any new projects with specific artists or producers that you’d like to mention?
I have some special things already out like my album  The Yes Feeling . And I have some exciting things in the pipeline, including a duet with Omar who is one of my favorite artists alive. But right now this album,  11:11,  is all consuming. I live, sleep, eat, and breathe  11:11 ! And I hope that after hearing it, you will too. Its a real labor of love, and great soundtrack for life.
Do you have any new anything else you would like to tell to the people?
In numerology, the numbers 11.11 signify new beginnings and creation. This year, 2017 also adds up to 1 in numerology. So we have a special opportunity to create newly, or start from scratch as people. When you catch those numbers on the clock, #MAKEWISH! You are a powerful creator. Each an every one of us is. We can hone our magic by monitoring our thoughts and giving more energy to love and gratitude.
THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for shedding a bit more light on to my art and please continue to support independent music. One LOVE <3 <3 <3
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