Someone Like You-Remixed in BK

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  Throwback to the red chapter. The brilliant miss Shae Fiol and I met during a background session for another Brooklyn indie artist and ended up really liking each other. Well i was basically in love. He voice is BUTTAH!!  Anyway, we kinda stayed in touch and followed each others careers and eventually we were […]

How I got the gig with Lorde at Coachella


Wanna know how I got my gig with Lorde at Coachella?? Here’s the story of how I got that gig and many others without even trying. So, I was in bed with my man, discussing our day and winding down when my phone buzzed. “Hey girl, I referred you for a gig, look for a […]

Wanna see it live?

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I know you quite possibly don’t live here in LA. So I am sharing some live footage I snuck for you out of the goodness of my heart. I wanted you to witness the first time I played “Actor” with a band! It was so, so sweet. So, I’ve been playing every Thursday at a […]

When Love Rears It’s Face!

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I was on tour with The Brand New Heavies for years. One of the staples of that incredible band is their horn section. We always had a slammin’ ass, beast mode, stanky, banging bunch of horn players who brought the shows from great, to legendary every night. A few years into my decade long run […]

Get to know me…🎈

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I have told my story many times. Single mom. High school drop out. College drop. Soul veteran. Avid recycler. Nerd. Weirdo. But this week’s interview gives you a chance to get to know me a bit more. Zojak, my lovely interviewer, is a passionate reggae and world music distributor and they have an incredible platform […]

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