Revolutionary, charismatic, veteran soul singer, Honey Larochelle is excited to announce her new album 11:11.


In addition to touring as The Brand New Heavies’ lead singer on multiple international tours, Honey has performed and collaborated with a multitude of artists including Grammy-winning duo A Great Big World, Oscar-winning artist Jennifer Hudson, household names such as Lorde, Joss Stone, Roberta Flack, Marcus Miller, Dr. John, and UK soul legend, Omar. A prolific songwriter and vocal producer, Honey has worked on recordings with everyone from Macy Gray and Allen Stone to Donny Osmond. A Great Big World released their hit single “Already Home,” co-written by Larochelle, on Epic records.

In her own artistry, Honey is a true iconoclast who moves elegantly between genres and stands by her motto “authenticity before conformity.” After releasing a classic soul album (The Yes Feeling) followed by an EDM inspired EP (Hijack) she now delivers her latest official release, 11:11. For this project, Honey blends her soulful melodies and harmonies with Danish super producer Pharfar’s reggae dancehall production sensibilities to create a group of feel-good songs that tell stories and soothe in a genre she’s affectionately coined “Irie Soul.” Pharfar and Honey met in Copenhagen, instantly connected, and recorded 11 songs in 11 days. From there, they travelled back and forth across the world between Denmark and Los Angeles over the course of five years to complete this body of work.

“I truly believe in numerology and the magic of numbers so everytime they align I like to think you get gifted a few precious seconds of undivided attention from whomever is listening, the universe, God or whomever. I always say “Make a wish!” when I catch these numbers on the clock. That is why I found our “11 songs in 11 days” to be profound. And then when I was invited to release it on 11/11/2017 it seemed obvious that our numbers were aligning in a really powerful way and that the album we had been sort of saving/sitting on was finally ready to come out,” says the saucy singer.

Honey Larochelle was released 11:11 in partnership with Danish Label, IceDrop Records, on 11/11/2017 and was celebrated with a performance at the 9th Annual Ride the Breaks Festival in Kailua-Kona, HI.